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🕯️Candle light: MEDITATION🤔, RELAX😌 and SLEEP😴

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The description of 🕯️Candle light: MEDITATION🤔, RELAX😌 and SLEEP😴

🔥 🔥 This app candle light is the most complete, the best candle on Google Play. 🔥 🔥
This candle light app is very complete since it has everything you have such as Candle timer, Candle flame, candle magic, candle Emoji and calming music.
The candlelight allows you to live the most special moments of your life or relax in your moments of rest or sleep.

😴 Use calm music to relax and sleep peacefully in your bed.
✓ 🎶 Calm music: Variety of relaxing sound: rain, fire, forest, ocean, river, Christmas and romantic ❤️. Is available soothing relax music or calm music for those moments of tranquility.
✓ 🎞 calm video: Variety of videos that help reduce stress and be more relaxed than ever. Some get to sleep fast.
✓ 😌 Candle Emoji : Possibility of putting a title with emoticons (Emoji).
✓ 🖽 Night candle images background:
✓ ⏱Candle timer: With application closing timer. (from 10 to 90 minutes).
✓ 🔥 Night candle flame: I could turn the candle off and on as you want.
✓ 📱 Night candle magic : Effect of the candle when tilting the mobile to the right or left.
✓ ⏱Candle timer:

The app candle light helps you relax with varied calm music. For those days of fatigue with relaxing music I will be very good.
The night candle light with calm music, such as sounds from rivers, rain and other natural environments. With calm music, reach a relaxation from the hard work of day to day.

The app candle light also helps you to candle meditation (with meditation music), do you like meditation? Use our relax meditation sounds. 🤔
There are also candle meditation, for those moments that you are studying or analyzing something important.

If you are looking for an candle light to relax and sleep this is your app. It will help you relax and sleep in various ways between the candle flame and the calm music you will reach that goal. The candle light can also set a candle timer, so you do not leave the lamp on all night. Is it incredible, right?

The app candle light can help you sleep peacefully at night with anti stress sounds. Control your sleep from this app to relieve stress and anxiety especially with the varieties of existing anti stress music.
At the end of the work we tend to increase stress, that causes us to have trouble sleeping, according to many experts the best remedy for this is by listening to sounds or relax music, meditation or anti-stress music.
Natural sounds are also a good remedy to reduce stress and relax. Control your sleep that is correct and good. Getting control of your sleep you can have better health.
If you follow a 10-minute relaxation every day, you will reduce your stress. If you get that you can be more relax and sleep better and control your sleep.

What happens while we sleep? 😴
In a 1st phase of sleep, the muscles begin to relax and the respiratory and heart rate are slower. In a 2nd phase of sleep, the body enters a deep sleep. Sleep is important for the body because it allows you to rest and replace what you consume during the day. In addition, when sleeping, the brain saves what has been learned during the day and memory is consolidated.

What happens when we have stress? 😱
In a first phase of stress: it increases the heart rate, dilates the pupils and bronchial tubes, and puts us to sweat. In a phase 2 of stress: it increases the level of blood sugar and suppresses the activity of the immune system. Some studies state that work stress, one of the most frequent, increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease by 68% and that of suffering a myocardial infarction by 23%. In the long term, stress can lead to serious health problems, and these in turn contribute to our feeling more stressed, so prevention and treatment are very important, through psychological therapy and with supports such as meditation.

Do you like candle light? you can get to achieve a candle light effect.

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🕯️Candle light: MEDITATION🤔, RELAX😌 and SLEEP😴 4.5 Update 2020-05-16 - Greatly improved the performance of music and videos.- Bug fixes- More Sounds Relax, meditation, Romantic & SleepThis version is great! Try it 😀 and tell us something in the comments (and we will answer you, your opinion is everything for us. 😎)With this App you will get: meditation, relaxation, sleep, romanticism and study.😀
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