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The description of Afterpulse

Join millions of soldiers in the best action third person shooter on Mobile.
Enjoy unreal graphics, unlock thousands of weapons and gears, listen to the call of war and fight in the battlefield.
An electromagnetic pulse has changed everything. The balance of power is unstable. World leaders are deploying elite squads. It is time to choose. To either restore peace or to ignite the largest conflict war in history!

Afterpulse in a nutshell:

✪ 5 combat modes with weekly mini-events!
✪ Hardcore TPS action game designed specifically for mobile devices!
✪ More than 1200 weapons and skins!
✪ AAA PC/Console graphics for mobile devices!
✪ 8 unique maps for all the playstyles: close combat, sniper, gun, assault, fast and slow soldiers!
✪ Intuitive controls – swipe, aim and shoot!
✪ Game optimization for weak devices!
✪ Seasonal rewards. New seasons with new missions, objectives and game content!
✪ Daily rewards. Each day a new reward for your squad!
✪ Tactical fights. Fine tune your arsenal before entering the warfare in this realistic shooter!


Afterpulse 3D new generation engine allows players to enjoy a real console army action experience using a mobile device. Its cutting-edge physically based graphics create unreal maps that give rise to highly immersive and electrifying elite sniper shooter online pvp fights!

Afterpulse has received tremendous acclaim as the best war game with 3rd person view for mobile devices on the online market.

Choose your destiny, join a critical ops squad and jump in addictive military battles but be aware, there could be shotgun, awp or smg fire everywhere! Prove yourself in the pvp battlefield and be part of an elite army!


✓ Unleash your competitive spirit by taking part in the seasonal modern ops action game modes. Practice your army shooting skills and your strategy, you will need them to win the fight in the battlefield!

✓ Test your army strategy combat skills in more than 5 different multiplayer shooter game modes and army maps! Prepare your defense squad and tactics, start shooting against the enemy warriors in this war game!

✓ Battle and fight against your friends and other military players squads in this dynamic action multiplayer third-person shooter deathmatch!


✓ Customize your army shooter soldiers squad and be a patriot! Become an unbeatable and courageous frontline soldier by customizing your gears, weapons and gadgets in this multiplayer tps and fight like a veteran!

✓ Afterpulse hosts the bigger array of war guns and armors in the market, which can be combined and fused to generate over 1000+ results! Choose your own style according to your multiplayer combat strategy: Handgun, Shotgun, Assault, SMG, LMG, Sniper, Rockets etc. Personalize your gears, armor, weapon, grenade, advanced army assault machine guns and choose the proper sniper 3d soldier weapon for the mission depending on its damage, rate of fire, accuracy, ammo or reload!

✓ Unlock gears and weapons from units like delta force, navy seal, seal team six, marine corps, recon teams, etc.


If you have any problems with the game just send a quick mail to our support at [email protected]

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Go to war with a leading role, a fully equipped elite sniper soldier capable of anything in order to survive in the battlefield! Create your elite army squad now and listen to the call of war! Are you ready to become a war hero?

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Info Update

Afterpulse 2.9.6 Update 2021-01-13 ▼NEW SEASON▼Getting our fireworks ready for Chinese New Year! As a way to celebrate the Year of the Ox, we bring a new season to ring in the good fortune! May wealth always come your way... and in crates! ▼NEW WEAPONS▼Find new Dragon, Jade, and Cinnabar in the series crates and new Chrome weapons in the weekly ranking crates.
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