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The description of AI Messages OS14 App

Did you get bored with the default messaging application on your phone? Do you want a color messaging application, there are many font, theme, or alternative options for texting? Did you use many messaging applications but have not really satisfied?
New Messenger 2021 is messaging application have themes, emojis, fonts, sounds, bubbles and background messages. Come on, take a look at the app introduction video to know you like it at first sight.
Make Texting Messenger 2021 and send messenger for your friends easy and beauty and faster messages as on OS14 Message.

AI Messages is application send messenger 2021 definitely has the basic functions of a message application such as: sending and receiving messages, sending photos, sending emoji, or even likes to recipients is easy. In addition, you have a lot of options for the messaging application that you have to explore for a long time to use, which is a lot of cool functions. For example, long-tap on avatar in the message list you will have new message function and call that person.

Quick message reply, you will have more functions in the Settings section such as changing theme, replacing bubble, changing the font, replacing the background, changing the messages sound, vibrating when the message even becomes an application private key if you don’t want anyone to use it. or see your message.

Best message application you choice for send messenger faster and simple and send message beauty.

🍏 Function keys:
🌱 Theme messages 2021, theme messenger 2021 as: Tik themes, Nap , Blur SMS theme, Gradient theme message, photo message background theme, bubble on your conversion. etc
🌱 Send and receive SMS messages.
🌱 Send messenger latest style any theme Top message 2021.
🌱 Send and receive photos, emoji, audio, like via MMS
🌱 Change application wallpaper.
🌱 Change the bubble of incoming and outgoing messages
🌱 Replace the messages font dump
🌱 Change the sound for the message
🌱 Protect messenger with messages lock screen.
🌱 Display and reply to messages with the “Enable bubble” section in the settings.
🌱 Select vibrate mode for incoming messages with popup and effect for messenger
🌱 Create new messenger with many options for drawing or emoji
🌱 Take a picture and send it immediately after shooting.
🌱 In the message emoji details section, drag from the right to the left to see the date and time.
🌱 Keep and Click on 1 message details to add more options for messages like, dislike …
🌱 Swiping from left to right, you will return to the previous page.
🌱 Swipe 1 messages in the list you will have the option to delete the message or receive the message in silence.
🌱 Popup Messenger will appear on the screen allowing you to quickly reply to a messages as soon as you receive it.
🌱 Send Emoji massages and GIF messenger and Digital messenger
🌱 Support multi language: English, French, Việt Nam
🌱 Support 2 SIM message
🌱 Send messenger digital draw
🌱 Block messenger, contact, SMS, MMS (Hide Alerts)
🌱 Messages dark theme, messenger white theme and color messenger 2021.

And many other functions waiting for you to explore when using. Please send us immediately to know how you like this application. If you don’t really like it, just tell us how to do it or the function you want to have in this messaging app or need to change it. Don’t be afraid to tell us your requirements because it’s free.

Any suggestions please send to email: doquangdanh409@gmail.com

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AI Messages OS14 App 5.0.3 Update 2021-03-08 Fix remove ads after purchased appUpdate new themes OS 14Update fontsUpdate background messengerOptimization and fix bug
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