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Ar Drum Drum in a Augmented Reality

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The description of Ar Drum

You do not have to have a drum to play a drum!

Ar Drum is an application that simulates a drum in augmented reality!

Here your hands are the drumsticks, the targets are the drum parts
and the limit is your imagination.

It’s very simple and fun, enjoy playing the music you like!

Have fun creating songs and share your beats on social networks with #ardrum, we want to see your results.

Do you want to send us a suggestion? Send an email to bedonimatheus@gmail.com

The Air Drum is simple and fun

Download the targets for you to print: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RUAEvJyl7kzGuiLw5kGApQ0Wf2MONmBH

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