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The description of Bebememo App

Bebememo is a secure, private family photo sharing app to save, share and cherish the special moments in your child or pet’s life. With Bebememo, you can upload your device photos onto your baby’s timeline, auto-sort them by age, tag them with special notes and diary entries, and privately and securely share them with grandparents and other family members.

Our vision is to enable families to create digital expressions of their love that they can share and cherish for generations to come.

With Bebememo you can:

• Store all your baby’s photos and videos securely online sorted by age! Each moment on your baby’s timeline is tagged with your baby’s age so you can see their exact age through all your most precious memories. The timeline is easily searchable by date or event and we keep all of your photos safe and secure, allowing you to recover them even if your phone is lost or damaged.

• Share photos and happiness with family and friends! Your baby’s timeline is visible only for those who have been invited to be your family members. Once you upload photos and videos, family members will receive a notification to their device immediately enabling them to share, comment and react to your memories in real-time. Privacy settings are always available and flexible, allowing you to choose who can see each photo or video.

• Tag your baby’s special events or development milestones! With tags, you no longer have to search through massive photo and video albums to find your memories. With Bebememo, you can add any tags on photos and videos such as travel, family portraits, and milestones. You can even see a map of all the places you have visited with your child with our footprint map!

• Capture the emotions of the day with Diary Entries! The earliest years with your baby can be a foggy whirlwind, so Bebememo allows you to write down, store, and share your thoughts, feelings and emotions with a smart diary associated with each date. As with everything, the diary can be just for you, or shared with your entire family!

• Share all the fun memories with your pets! We understand that your pet is another member of the family so the entire feature set of Bebememo extends to your furry friends as well!

Our focus is on privacy and security and you can rest assured that all your precious moments remain only with you and your family, never sold to third parties, and never abused in any way. Bebememo is the premiere family sharing photo app allowing you to cherish every significant moment for a lifetime.

You can also view your moments on Desktop at http://www.bebememo.us

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Info Update

Bebememo App Update 2021-01-28 - Improved user interface;- Fixed some bugs;
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