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BebeSleep Baby Sleep, White Noise, Wonderweeks

Bebesleep is dedicated to helping your baby sleep.

Are you looking for relaxing sounds and ambiences that will improve the quality of your baby’s sleep or relaxation? Look no further than “BebeSleep”.

“BebeSleep, a sleep aid app for baby”
1. White noises for baby sleep
2. Soundscape for baby‘s Hearing Development.


Bebe Sleep offers some 60 different types of white noises. Use our app to indulge yourself into a variety of white noises either alone or combined. Different types of rain, nature sounds, city sounds, and more are available for you to choose from. White noises are also available offline as well as online.

– Sleep sounds All free
– Simple design for baby
– Beautiful icons with motion
– High quality sleep sounds
– Create your own mixes of sound for your baby to relax and sleep
– You may adjust the volume for each piece of sound in your sound list
– You may play the sound in the background
– Sleep timer to automatically stop the sound at your desired time
– No network required

Library includes :
* Weather sounds: wind, light rain, rain on car, thunder
* Nature sounds: waterfall, wave, river, seaside, underwater
* Animal sounds: owl, cat, dog, frog, whale, cuckoo, wolf
* Home sounds: fireplace, music box, clock, book, pencil, plastic bag
* Transportation: car wiper, airplane, wooden boat, train, street
* Melody: piano, flute, harp, singing bowl, chime bell, koshi chime
* Noise: white noise, pink noise, brown noise


BebeSleep features a baby lion who loves the Earth.
It takes all sorts of sound created on Earth ranging from everyday life around the world to jungles, volcanic islands, and the sound of glaciers to the another planet.

Let your baby listen to the sounds recommended by the baby lion in BebeSleep and boost his or her curiosity and imagination beyond your everyday life.

The baby lion is in Jeju Island right now.
It is Jeju Island, a World Natural Heritage site, that the baby lion settled in after a round-the-globe trip. On the volcanic island of Jeju, it is recording a wide variety of sounds while traveling around the seashore, Oreum volcanic cone, forest, and the cave.

Bebe Sleep retains our On-site Recording Team, We produce quality HD sound content for baby through collaboration with soundscape experts from around the world

Maintain baby sleep cycle with our “BebeSleep”

Good night again! BebeSleep~

contact us : [email protected]

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