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The description of BestWeather

Predict the best weather,read your deepest heart.BestWeather start from the beauty, be in the precise, loyal to the company, drunk to understand you. The best weather stay true to our original self and move forward bravely, not only to maintain the original beauty and exquisite value, through continuous upgrading we became a better understanding of your weather forecast.The best weather not only provides weather related query functions, but also has a special background map. At the same time, we have successfully completed the size reduction, which not only takes up the tiny space of mobile phones, but also saves your mobile data.
【Product introduction】
1、Gorgeous?interface–Tens of thousands of background maps?including the beauty of the city, the natural scenery, and the goddess.
2、Easy operation–Up and down sliding mode of operation, can be more rapid and convenient to view the weather trend, wind speed and other information.
3、Comprehensive coverage data–Using authoritative sources of data by AccuWeather, covering 400000 cities and regions at home and abroad.
4、Beautiful plug-in– With different styles of widget which makes your mobile phone interface more beautiful.
【Contact us】
[email protected]
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Info Update

BestWeather Update 2020-06-24 【New experience】Classic UI layout, new visual experience;【Comprehensive forecast】Add more weather information such as sunrise and sunset, 15-day forecast, etc .;【Life Service】Index information such as dressing, sports, cold, etc., provide a comfortable life guide;【Hot News】The latest and interesting news content, know the world's Pepsi;【Personality setting】Support free switching between bright and dark modes, showing personality style.
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