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Body Temperature Fever Thermometer Checker Diary

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The description of Body Temperature App

🌡️🌡️🌡️Best Body Temperature Tracker App. Celsius to Fahrenheit Convert Thermometer Fever Checker App🌡️🌡️🌡️

Manage & Track Your Fever, Weight and Heart Rate!

Fever is your body’s natural response to infection or injury. It stimulates your body to mobilize and produce more white blood cells and antibodies to fight infections.

Whether you have been exposed to low temperatures or you are caring for someone with hypothermia, you may need to know how to increase body temperature.

This application provides the user the option to store data and later view history user can view data in the form of charts.

This app supports multiple users. If necessary tracked information can be sent to your doctor or shared with family members as image or text.

View stats and take decision upon these stats and later could discuss these reports with doctor.

This Body Temperature Logger will help the user to maintain the record on regular interval. Fever (also known as pyrexia [1]) is one of the most common medical signs and is characterized by an elevation of body temperature above the normal range of 36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F). The user can take decision on the basis of this record.

✨✨✨Features of Body Temperature Checker Diary : Info History Log App:✨✨✨

🌡️ Share with friends.
🌡️ Dynamic graphs measure.
🌡️ Switch on/off notifications.
🌡️Toggle vibrations on reminders.
🌡️ Track over a day, week, month and more.
🌡️ Maintain records and have summarized values.
🌡️ Follow the info and guidelines to get better health.
🌡️ View graphs and charts and share it with your doctor.
🌡️ User can maintain the records and enter values any time.
🌡️ Enter Body Temperature in Multiple Formats as per your convenience.
🌡️ Provide complete user info in order to enable the application to calculate your BMI.
🌡️ Celsius and Fahrenheit scales supported. Easily switch between scales at any time.
🌡️ Add in one touch body temperature monitoring, hemoglobin levels, weight, as well as taken drugs.

Use this body temperature converter to convert your body temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can easily enter the body temperature in Celsius and convert it to Fahrenheit vice versa from Fahrenheit to Celsius.


This app cannot measure fever. It merely serves as a tool which helps to records average body temperature.

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Info Update

Body Temperature App 1.3.3 Update 2021-03-05 Updated Algo!New UI!Bugs Fixed!
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