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Bukalapak Halubolnas 12.12

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The description of Bukalapak

Bukalapak Make it Fun
🇮🇩E-Commerce/Shopping App

“Why download Bukalapak?”
Where do we even start? There are so many things you can get. From easy shopping, special offers, to fun games full of prizes! Especially now with the ongoing 12.12 promos!

The 12.12 Promo
Discounts starting from 20% every day in Flash Deal
Cashback up to Rp5 million
Halu Miliaran Game with a jackpot of dozens of millions FREE!

Why else should you download Bukalapak? Well..

Easy to use
With the app’s new interface, online shopping is easy, quick and fun!

Free shipping
Shopping is more fun when you don’t have to worry about the shipping fee. At Bukalapak, the shipping is free!

Everything you need
Whatever you’re looking for, we have it! Add that with promo and discount vouchers so for even lower prices.

Offers overload
There are always offers for you every single day, from discounts, cashback to free shipping, we got it covered.

Games & prizes
Bored? Come and play along with us! We have several fun games with prizes worth millions.

Serbu Seru
Where else can you get your dream luxury item with super cheap prices? Only on Serbu Seru!

Pay Bills & Buy Credits
From top-up electronic money, pay all monthly bliss, to ordering traveling tickets, you can get it all done on your smartphone!

Flash Deal
Get the most competitive offers in limited time, every day at Bukalapak!

Like an online mall, you can shop confidently with 100% original products from various official brands + return guarantee such as Unilever, P&G, Adidas, Canon, LG, Nivea, Oppo, Samsung, and numerous other brands.

Free Stuff
As a welcoming gift, new users can get free stuff, such as instant coffee, a pair of earphones, or other fun things.

Become a successful seller
With all the supporting features, you can open an online store, promote it and make the sale to make an easy profit!

Easy commerce, a ton of benefits, and fun entertainment, only at Bukalapak!

What are you waiting for?
Download Bukalapak now and make shopping fun!!

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Info Update

Bukalapak 4.79.3 Update 2020-12-18 Hayoo senang apa sedih nih pisah sama tahun 2020?Biar tutup tahunnya bahagia, riang gembira, penuh sukacita tanpa resah-resah (maaf, lebay), ada berbagai promo menarik di Bukalapak buat kamu!Kami juga udah benerin yang perlu dibenerin di aplikasi terbaru kami biar belanja akhir tahun kamu makin nyaman.Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Buruan update aplikasi kamu dan belanja di Bukalapak!
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