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ChatCraft for Minecraft

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The description of ChatCraft

ChatCraft for Minecraft allows you to connect to every Minecraft Vanilla, Forge, Bukkit, Spigot and Sponge server!
This app supports minecraft 1.5.2 to 1.15.1!

• Connect to any Minecraft server from version 1.5.2 to 1.15.1!
• Full support for chat colors
• Mini-map and gravity
• Move your player
• Inventory: click on the items in your inventory to teleport across the server!
• Chat logs: you will find chats of your Minecraft sessions
• The best AFK experience: automatically reconnect, recurrent movements/messages/commands
• Customizable notifications when being attacked or when you receive a particular message
• Supports Forge servers
• Player list with skins
• Supports multiple accounts: you can use different usernames to login in different servers
• Auto teleport to spawn after login
• Auto login or register: ChatCraft can remember the password you use to login on non-premium servers to login even faster!
• Tab complete and Message history: you can navigate through messages that you already sent

Email: [email protected]
Join our Telegram group for additional support and news: https://t.me/chatcraft_app

Q: Why isn’t there my language?
A: Help us translating ChatCraft in your language! Contact me on [email protected] or on Telegram!

Q: The app disconnects when I leave it in background!
A: Check out this guide: https://www.chatcraft.app/afk-support/

Q: What is included in the Pro features?
A: I constantly add new features, so this list might miss some of them:
• Make small movements and see your character move in the mini-map
• Receive notifications when a particular word is received
• Option to move automatically every two minutes (useful for afk)
• Option to automatically reconnect when disconnected (useful for afk)
• Navigate through sent messages
• Option to enable chat logs
• Unlimited number of servers and accounts
• Access and click your inventory (useful to navigate in some servers)

Q: What is included in the “No-Ads” in-app purchase?
A: You won’t see ads and you will be able to remove sponsored servers and disable “I join using ChatCraft” message.

Q: What is included in the “All in one” in-app purchase?
A: “All in one” is the sum of “Pro features” and “No-Ads” at a convenient price!

We are not affiliated or associated with Mojang.

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Info Update

ChatCraft 1.10.53 Update 2020-05-23 Added Minecraft 1.15.2 support!Added in-app sponsored servers purchase!Added a mini-map and gravity support for 1.9+ servers.Added an option to try Pro features for free a couple times a day.Check-out https://www.chatcraft.app/afk-support for optimizing AFK
Download https://apkpure.com/chatcraft-for-minecraft/mattecarra.chatcraft/download?from=details
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