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The description of Cindicator

Make accurate forecasts on the stock market, cryptocurrency and other crypto assets, and win real money every month!
More than $100,000 has already been paid out. Compete with traders and investment analysts from around the world without investing your own money or trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
With Cindicator you can:
1. Win money from your intellectual work.
Make financial market forecast, bitcoin price and crypto market forecasts on a regular basis, and do it more accurately than others.
2. Enhance your analytical and trading skills.
You will receive constant feedback about the accuracy of your financial market forecasts, allowing you to test different online trading ideas and improve your understanding of finance, bitcoin, and stock charts.
3. Public recognition of your analytical skills in financial markets, stock charts analysis, cryptocurrency and online trading.
You can prove your financial market and crypto market forecasts. As an independent part we can certify your track record of financial market analysis.
How does this work?
Every day, you will receive a list of questions about cryptocurrency prices, bitcoin price, a specific stock quotes, exchanges movements and various cryptocurrencies. As with similar investment apps, our goal is to make an accurate financial forecast about the stock market and Bitcoin USD exchange rate. Staying on top of Bitcoin news and Bitcoin rate is helpful, but is not required to become great financial and investment analyst.
For every accurate financial forecast, you receive points, climbing up the rankings and allowing you to win money at the end of the month (from $30 to $500). The rankings reflect your analytical skills and your understanding of finance, the stock market, blockchain and cryptocurrency.
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Info Update

Cindicator 3.0.10 Update 2019-09-28 Hi! This is Alex, financial analyst here at Cindicator. I'm part of the team that creates questions in the app, and that's why I'm introducing this update.The most important thing about this update is a new type of questions – multiple and single choice questions. Choice questions will not appear in the app straightaway, but you need to update the app now to get access to them in the future. Extra bonus: question search is back in the app. Do not miss out! Update the app now.
Download https://apkpure.com/cindicator-become-a-financial-analyst/com.cindicator/download?from=details
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