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The description of Cirkl

Create events, invite others to join, discover what is happening around you.

It supports the following multiple usage patterns to fit your needs.

1. Individual Private Events

Under this group you can create private events and invite members to it. This group by itself has no group level members. Each events can have its own members. Use this group for creating an activity that is occasional and not repeating with the same group of members.

2. Private Group Events

Cirkl allows you to create private groups and add members to it. You can create events under a private group you created. All members under this group can see all events and rsvp if enabled for an event. Create a private group if you want to organize a regular activity or events with a group of people, like group spots activities.

3. Public Group Events

Cirkl allows you to create public groups and share it with anyone. Public groups and all events under it are visible to all Cirkl users if they search for it. You can see how many are following your group. You can create Public Groups for organizing and promoting public events.

4. General Public Events

This is a public global group and all Cirkl users can see events under this. Contact Cirkl LLC ( and click CONTACT) if you want to promote your events under this group .

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Info Update

Cirkl 0.46.26 Update 2020-04-18 Usability improvements
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