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The description of Dhamaka App

The Dhamakadigital.com app is one of the best online mobile marketplaces in Bangladesh. It empowers the sellers to communicate with customers.
We built this app just for you! Dhamaka is the go-to app for those in the know, with hundreds of brands and thousands of items at an incredible value. Explore the exclusive features like watching Live streaming and chatting with sellers.
Buy & Pay with Faith
Dhamaka completely protects the transactions if vendors do not comply with the product quality and delivery schedule set out in the contract.
Shipping Fast
Dhamaka partners with major transportation companies to provide on-time delivery, tracking information and reasonable pricing solutions for shipping.
Popular Categories
Dhamakadigital.com covers a wide range of popular categories including hot and trending consumer products and also includes categories of industrial and raw materials.
Quick search
You can easily and quickly find unique items by searching. Searches also differ from one another by price ranges, popularity.
Live Streaming
For getting to learn about their latest or exclusive goods, you will enjoy the live streaming of the seller. Through live chatting customers can communicate directly with sellers
Material quality reviewed
Choose Dhamaka to ensure that orders conform to the quality standards set out in your contract.
Discount & Promotions
Choose the best factory deals which offer discounts and promotions.
Keep on in the loop
Buyers can visit their favorite shop on the Dhamakadigital.com app to keep up to date on new items and promotions.
Ratings & Reviews
The prime concern of Dhamaka is to please its customers. After purchasing the products customers can give rates and leave feedback. They can provide feedback on the overall experience at Dhamaka, too.

Tell us what you’re doing
What are your thoughts on the Dhamaka app! Let us know! We would love to hear what you think. What’s more, if you see any improvement opportunities using our app, tell us that too! We take all advice seriously and use it to improve constantly. Visit our website to know more about our venture: dhamakadigital.com

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Dhamaka App 2.0.2 Update 2021-03-17 Buy & sell online with Dhamaka. Trust,quality & best customer experience at one place.
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