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Diggerville Digger Adventure | 3D Pixel Game

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The description of Diggerville

Digger Ville – the new digger pixel adventure! Our planet Earth is more than 4 billion years old! She is still quite young though, but has been through much stuff already.
Through these years lots of exciting things have happened: from the birth of life itself and the extinction of giant dinosaurs to the first steps of Neanderthals and glorious marching of middle ages knights. The layers of Earth’s crust conceal lots and lots of mysteries and intriguing secrets. And it’s up to you to solve them! In our new revolutionary pixel adventure game Diggerville!

A brand-new 3D voxel clicker

Digger Ville – is more than just an arcade game or interesting clicker . Dig into the new pixel world . Digger Ville is a brand-new 3d voxel clicker. It’s a super online platform with huge varieties of events and mini-games. Imagine that you are Indiana Jones or Lara Croft looking for the lost treasures of ancient civilizations. Dig in the deepness of earth and find the most rare artifacts. Dig in it as deep as you can to excavate the magic artifacts.

Become a master of digger artifacts

So, the underworld is yours and you are able to do what you want. Excavate or dig whatever you like. Just click, click and click. In digging you can use special tools to make the process more interesting and addictive.
There is a special place for collecting an artifacts. After digging up you can put your new artifact to this very special place. Collect more and more features and become the master of artifacts.

You can start the diggerville adventures wherever you are. It’s not necessary to download an additional tools of addons – just play on the spot.


Explore the mines for mysterious artifacts . For that you have a whole arsenal of tools to extract them from the rocks. Every treasure you find is followed by a fun historical fact that you can share with your friends and family. The more artifacts you dig up, the more you learn!

Tapping your way to a successful excavation of artifacts, you may also get rid of tension and stress. Our app helps you to relax after a long day and empty your mind from stress, filling it with knowledge and relaxation.

Become the smartest person. Aren’t you already digging it?

Explore the ancient and mysterious 3D pixel world of Egypt and Utgard! Dive into the world of archeology and enjoy mining unique and sacred artifacts! You’ll have to dig out so many artifacts! Digg all of them and create your own relic collection in the Diggerville museum. Dig it deeper and find a lot of mysterious treasures! It’s so curious, isn’t it?

Discover 3D pixel magnificent worlds with lost artifacts, dig it like a pro, using powerful tools, and collect all the treasures! Learn more amazing facts and collect your findings in the museum! The more artifacts you digg up – the more historical facts you learn!

Unbelievable! You can dig not only artifacts but also coins! Continue digging and find a lot of coins! Spend your money in the Digger shop to buy necessary tools for mining artifacts! It really helps to excavate more ancient treasures and dive into true archeology! Get real experience in archeological digs with Diggerville and become smarter! Share your discoveries with friends on social media and keep going! There are so many lost mysterious things that you have to find! That’s so exciting!

Let’s dig as many artifacts as you want! Find out interesting historical facts, develop your mining skills and just enjoy the game!

Hey, keep digging and share your findings with us!

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Info Update

Diggerville Update 2020-05-22 - Performance improvements you won't necessarily notice but definitely enhancing your experience with the app.
Download https://apkpure.com/diggerville-digger-adventure-3d-pixel-game/com.digger.pixel3d.game/download?from=details
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