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Diggy Loot Treasure Hunt Adventure Game

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The description of Diggy Loot App

Diggy Loot: Treasure Hunt Adventure Game is a fun new puzzle game for your Android device. Help the professor recover his stolen artifacts by completing a wide variety of puzzle challenges in this exciting puzzle adventure game. Chase after the evil witch Elza as she tries to stop you from successfully rebuilding the statues in your trophy room. Watch out because she has deployed a wide selection of traps, enemies and unique puzzle mechanics to make sure you won’t reach your goal.

– Features –

Solve Unique Puzzles
– Disarm or avoid traps.
– Defeat enemies.
– Complete quests to earn stars.

Recover Hidden Artifacts
– Find and collect hidden artifacts.
– There are 5 hidden artifacts in each area.
– Collect all 5 artifacts to rebuild your unique statue for that area.

Hundreds Of Puzzle Levels
– Visit Egypt, China, Rome, The Ice Age and many other unique and fun locations.
– Each area consist of 20 puzzle levels.

Unique Gameplay
– Dig your path to manipulate the environment for the professor to move around.
– Each area has a unique puzzle mechanic.

Compete Against Your Friends
– Connect to Facebook to compete against your friends on the high score list.

If you love a good puzzle game, then you will really like Diggy Loot: Treasure Hunt Adventure Game. Play as much or as little as you want. Challenge your brain and try to complete all levels with 3-stars to earn the top spot on the high score list.
Connect to Facebook to save your progress and you can play on any of your devices!

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Info Update

Diggy Loot App 1.6.0 Update 2018-12-03 * Added the Celtic area with 20 new levels.* Fresh new in-game icons.* Minor bugfixes.
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