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Drum King Ultimate Drum Simulator

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The description of Drum King

Feel the sensation of playing drums with an ultra realistic sound. Enjoy every explosion of drum kit sound as your heartbeat increases. Play the drum kit where and whenever you want.

Drum King is a free drum kit simulator that you need to become a true drummer. We have tested professional drum players to play the drum kit so you can enjoy the maximum drumming experience.

◆◆ No Ads ◆◆

We hate showing ads the same as you. Drum King ensures that you can enjoy playing drums without any interruption in advertising when playing.

◆◆ Drum kit position, size and rotation ◆◆

We realize everyone has their own style in playing the drum set. Drum King gives you the freedom to configure every drum set you make.

You can choose the specific drum kit that you want to play, adjusting the position of the drum kit according to the playing style. Change the size of the drum kit and also rotate it to your liking. When you are satisfied with the drum kit configuration save the drum kit configuration so that it can be played again when needed.

◆◆ Realistic Sound Intelligent (RSI). ◆◆

There are hundreds of drum kit sounds that we have recorded so you can enjoy them. All sounds are recorded using professional tools that ensure the clarity of the recording.

Drum King provides many popular drum kits that are suitable for all music genres. Use the dream drum set that suits your playing style. In each Drum Set there are many drum kit choices, such as: Snare, Tom H, Tom M, Tom L, Tom Floor, Kick, Hi-Hat, Ride, Cymbal, Splash, China.

The sound produced by Drum King is very good and realistic. We created an algorithm called Realistic Sound Intelligent (RSI). This feature makes the drum sound produced very well like using an actual drum.

◆◆ Real Audio Mixer (RAM) ◆◆

You can experiment with new drum kit sounds by using Real Audio Mixer (RAM). Generate millions of unique sound combinations by raising or lowering the drum kit’s tone. You can also share the sound strength of the drum kit on the left or right of the speaker.

Configuring the drum kit for each drum set is very easy thanks to the user friendly interface. Adjust the volume of each drum kit according to your playing style.

◆◆ Responsive and Multi touch Drum Kit ◆◆

We make sure you can play without any delay when playing Drum. Multi touch ensures you can maintain the tempo of playing the drum.

◆◆ Drum Set List ◆◆

List of Drum Sets to choose from
– Pop
– Rock
– metal
– Jazz
– Alternative
– punk
– Classic
– blues
– Pop Rock

◆◆ Best graphics and animations ◆◆

As you can see we are working very hard to make Drum King the best drum simulator application on the market. We work with several artists to make the asset drum kit comfortable to play for a long time.

Support Us:
If you want to support us to be more developed. Please support us on our parteon page.


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Drum King 1.1.2 Update 2020-05-19 - Improved game performance- Minor bug fixes
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