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The description of Dvizz App

Remember the situation: you got like 2-3 free hours, but they have appeared AT THIS VERY MOMENT? Do something serious? Not much time. And all of your friends are probably busy as always, besides, there’s not enough time to write to every single one of them, right? The problem is solved! Just open the app and find out who’s also free! From now on, the “suddenly free time situation” is not a reason for boredom but an opportunity to meet new people.

Also happens: you’ve planned an activity next weekend thinking of seeing friends but the approval process takes 3 hours each time. You’re texting everyone, trying to make it work but it’s still not clear who’s actually going. Familiar, isn’t it? Now there’s an alternative! Create an event and you’ll see which of your friends or maybe people you don’t know yet are definitely ready to keep your company! Share your plans and stay up to with your friends’ plans!

What if none of your friends can’t make it anyway? Well, no way. Then create an event for all users of the app in your city, the ones with similar interests will definitely make you a company! It has never been so easy to look for like-minded people!

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Dvizz App 1.6.0 Update 2021-04-10 The carousel is ready!Added full-size photo viewer.
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