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The description of Easy Diet

Easy Diet App
Application that organizes your life for the better and control the weight with ease by following the calories system.

Advantages of the application:

1- Guiding you with the calories your body needs daily.
– The application requests from you some information to determine the calories your body needs daily according to the plan that you need either for weight gain
Or lose weight, or even maintain the current weight.

2- Searching hundreds of famous eastern and western foods.
– Easy Diet application allows you to search in hundreds of famous foods locally and internationally to add them in your day so that the application calculates their own calories
And advise you on the average calories you took and alert you if you exceed your plan.

3- Remember to drink water.
– The application alerts you by notifications at different times of the day to drink water and not to forget the prescribed portion your body needs of water.

4- An integrated workout program with a caloric count.
– The application provides an integrated workout system that focuses on all parts of the body with several specialized exercises. All exercises are calculated calories in the sense that while completing
Exercise The application tells you the rate of burning that you did through exercises and then it adds calories to your day so you can eat the ambition by the number of calories
Scorched without fear of affecting the plan.

5- Propose local and non-existent foods.
– The application allows the possibility to suggest foods that are not present until they reach us and we inspect and add them when they meet the conditions of transmission and the accuracy of the information where we are
In the Easy Diet family, it examines all proposals to ensure the accuracy of information and the non-repetition of foods in the application

6- The app provides valuable information about nutritional values.
– The application allows you to identify the nutritional values ​​of foods and provide you with information about proteins, carbohydrates and fats in case you follow a diet regimen
It is based on an element of different nutrients.

7- Technical and advisory support.
The Easy Diet family is based on receiving your questions and inquiries, as well as your suggestions about the application through direct communication via WhatsApp, Instagram, or even
On Facebook to provide you with the necessary support or answer any question you need about the application or system.

In short, the Easy Diet application is the best choice for a better healthy life

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Info Update

Easy Diet 3.2.0 Update 2020-06-07 fix bugs and improvements
Download https://apkpure.com/easy-diet/com.wesync.easydiet/download?from=details
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