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The description of El Pose 3D

El Pose 3D is a fast and easy character posing built upon next-gen 3D engine. Get a custom simple pose in a minute, or spend some more time for a refined one. Use it as reference for your character design and illustration, drawing inspiration, perspective and proportion check, shading practice, paintover, anime / manga storyboard, visual novel draft, or any other artistic needs.

– Responsive control and navigation.
– Touch optimized workflow.
– Change model and material on-the-fly without resetting the pose.
– Armoury with lots of weapons for your character to equip.
– Library with ready-to-use pose presets.
– Gym to adjust model’s physical parameters, namely height, weight, and fitness.
– Store unlimited number of poses, or precisely 100 of them!
– Direct access to save and load slots for fast switching between stored poses.
– Take and export screenshots in high-quality PNG (up to 3240p or 6K resolution on high-end devices).
– Green screen for processing the taken screenshot into transparent background.

Q: Where the screenshots are stored?
A: As of v1.0.5, screenshots are stored to “ElPose3D” folder at the base of internal storage. If you access it from root “/”, the absolute path to internal storage can either be “/sdcard/”, “/mnt/sdcard/”, or “/storage/emulated/0/” depending on the device.
Q: I can’t save/load/take screenshots, what’s wrong?
A: You need to enable storage permission by going to Settings > Apps on your phone.
Q: Where do I access Library and Gym features?
A: You can access Library and Gym features by sliding the bottom drawer horizontally. It’s set to Armoury by default.

Please send your feedbacks and questions to agas.creative@gmail.com. Our developers will respond to you directly from there.

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Info Update

El Pose 3D 1.0.7 Update 2019-10-27 v1.0.7 - Updated Android SDK version to meet the latest requirement.v1.0.6 - Added hide UI function (eye button) and support for 64-bit to comply with new Google Play requirement. v1.0.5 - Added support for 180 degree screen rotation (reversed landscape) and updated screenshot implementation.v1.0.4 - Added 6 and updated 2 models. They're now defined by gender and age (Male/Female and 26/18/13/9/5).
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