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The description of Environmental Info Push App

The EPA provides the public with detailed information through real-time air quality forecast notifications and practical environmental information. Users can monitor the quality of the air in their surrounding area anytime via the Environmental Info Push App. With the air quality index shown in different colors, it is easy to learn about the air quality status and follow suggestions in the app for corresponding actions and prevention measures.

The app perfectly integrates 6 different indices to show the real-time environment info, such asAir Quality Index (AQI), PM2.5 concentration, Ultraviolet Index (UVI), River Pollution Index (RPI), weather forecast and etc., and displays in gauge and different colors, so that users can understand how serious it is, without knowing the complicated definition of those indices. The newly added Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems observation data helps users to watch the particular pollutant sources, and avoid visiting specific polluted areas.
Environment Info Push App gives a hand in providing useful outdoor suggestion and forecast. Historical trend chart is also provided to quickly understand the past, so that they can have a reliable info resource within one app.

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Info Update

Environmental Info Push App 3.3.5 Update 2020-04-09 3.3.5- 調整地圖圖層UI- 修正部分裝置上的錯誤- 更新憑證
Download https://apkpure.com/environmental-info-push-app/com.esri.arcgis.android.idt.EPA.HL/download?from=details
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