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The description of Evolute RD Service

This is Registered Device Service (L0) for Evolute Devices with Fingerprint Scanner for devices LEOPARD, FALCON, IMPRESS, LILY and IDENTI5 provided by Evolute Systems Pvt Ltd. This application is required to use device with AADHAAR authentication. This application captures Fingerprint as per UIDAI guidelines for Aadhar Authentication and eKYC. RD Services for our devices enable your solutions and end users to validate their Fingerprint devices with UIDAI with the help of our Management Server. For registering the Finger print device with UIDAI, you shall require to be in possession of at least one unit of EVOLUTE device. By launching the application and connecting the device, RD services shall complete the necessary processes for registering your device with the UIDAI. RD Service is STQC certified as per UIDAI Registered Device Specification-V2.0.1. Devices are designed for the most ease use while finger placement. Devices are made to withstand large amounts of shock even free fall from as per fall test. In case of any error, you shall be given the appropriate error message with which you can approach our help desk as given below on any working day during office hours.
Phone : +91-8042074082, +91-2226716682/89/98
Email : [email protected]
Web : www.evolute.in
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Info Update

Evolute RD Service Update 2020-01-02 Added support to new UIDAI production certificate and Minor Bug Fixes
Download https://apkpure.com/evolute-rd-service/com.evolute.rdservice/download?from=details
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