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The description of EWar Games

EWar Games is India’s leading one-stop gaming platform. This free online mobile gaming app includes addictive games: Tappy Bird, Ludo, Pop the Virus, Knife Dart, Drift Boss, Spore Hunter, Pro Cricket Champion, Sheep Fight, Ant Smash, Trivia King, Stickman Swing, Candy Jam, Flip Jump, Basketball, X-Trench Run. Play 1vs1 or multiplayer, practice and participate in challenges, tournaments and more.

About the application

E-War Games is available in eight languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and more. Through the application, gamers can practice for free before they begin playing big. Participate in contests, tournaments, and challenges to start winning battle points. These battle points will turn into rewards in the form of exciting prizes.

You can also watch live streams of your fellow gamers, or the growing professional players and chat with other gamers while you play!

Top Features

1. Play Single-Player or Multiplayer in E-War Games
While you’re practicing or playing for the long run, ultimately to win exciting prizes, you can choose any of the settings. Pick any game you like and start playing! Be it PUBG or ProCricket, you can play all by yourself, or one-on-one with a friend or a stranger to challenge yourself! These mini-challenges with friends or family or strangers will help you gain confidence and guarantee your chances to win more and more bonus points. Finally, you can upgrade by another level and start playing with multiple players in the arena! And while you’re growing from an amateur into a professional, your bucket which contains your battle points will be filled. And then it’s time to claim your rewards! Keep playing and make yourself proud.

2. Play PubG and Free Fire Contests
E-War Games allow you to play PubG and Free Fire with ease. There are several contests for the two games that occur now and then. You can participate whenever you want and invite your friends to join you! The more you play, the more there is the possibility of you winning. And the more you win, the more prizes you can earn!

3. Participate in tournaments
And now you’ve been given the ultimate battleground. Your task as a gamer is to keep playing and topping the leaderboard while earning your battle points before the competition ends. The more battle points you earn on time, the more rewards you will gain.

4. Watch Live Streaming
While you’re playing alone and learning skills to gain more rewards, you can also take the time to watch others play. It could be a friend playing or a stranger. You can watch the live streaming of contests and challenges, and understand the game yourself. Observe the gamer’s or entertain yourself if you’re too tired to play. On the homepage of E-War Games, there is the option to watch live streaming. There is also a list of the topmost players of all the games. All you need is a stable internet connection, and then you can start watching!

5. Chat and challenge
While You Playin EWar you can also chat with strangers and find like-minds to play with later in other games. This feature will help you meet more people and socialize while doing your favorite leisure activity: playing videogames! You can challenge your friends or even strangers. These challenges will allow you to measure where you stand and how well you play.

However keep in mind the gameplay & the fact that there are tournaments where the real money is involved, we have enforced the following restrictions.
• EWar Games has an age restriction of 18+
• EWar Games has private & public tournaments where the public tournaments are only accessible to the audience of Indiabarring the states of Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, Odisha & Telangana.
• We take the country code during the signup which allows us to restrict the real money leagues to the audience outside India.
• Before joining any paid league the user has to certify their age being 18+

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Info Update

EWar Games 14.9.2 Update 2020-06-25 Bug fixesChampionship UI updates
Download https://apkpure.com/ewar-games/com.ewar.app.free/download?from=details
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