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Exhibbit 3d virtual art gallery

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The description of Exhibbit

Exhibbit is a virtual exhibition platform which enables visitors to explore artwork in 3D galleries on desktop and mobile.
Art businesses can create, publish and manage their exhibitions online, via a web based browser.
There are different sized galleries available on subscription and bespoke galleries can be created from plans and photographs.


Touch finger to the screen and slowly push up or down to move forward and back.
Drag left and right to rotate.
Hold two fingers on the screen to slide up and down, right or left.
Tap on an artwork or an image in the Catalogue, to be placed in front of it.


• View exhibition editorial whilst the gallery loads
• Artworks shown at correct scale in an interactive 3D gallery
• Compare artworks together in the context of an exhibition
• Tap an artwork to be placed in front of it
• Tap Catalogue images to move around the gallery
• Navigate by touching a finger to the screen and moving slowly
• Share the exhibition to social networks and via email
• Tap an artwork to load the high resolution version
• Inquire about and buy artworks
• Artwork info displayed on the wall beside the the artwork
• Archive exhibitions
• Password security
• Video Link out
• E-commerce link

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Info Update

Exhibbit 12.3.3 Update 2020-08-06 NEW VERSION 12.3.3 - Memory management improvements- Image downloading and clean up optimisations.- Addition of featured galleries as 'Current Exhibitions' on desktop and mobile.- Gallery switching - multiple galleries can be accessed and viewed via another gallery.- Updated UI- Support for Arabic, Thai, Korean and Hebrew.- Branding with logo and link support.
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