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The description of Family Locator, Phone GPS Tracker

1⃣ Install Family Locator on your device & get your family members to install it on their phones too.
2⃣ Once everyone has created an account, create one Circle and give others an invitation code.
3⃣ As soon as they join the Circle they will appear on your map.


Family Locator helps to stay in touch with the most valuable people in your life. Never miss out on important family events.

👪 With Family Locator cell phone app you will get these features:

• See Circle Members on a private map which is only visible in your Circle
• Receive notifications when your Circle members arrive or leave a created place, member’s phone battery gets low and etc.
• See location of lost cell phone
• If you decide to subscribe to premium Family locator you will get “Steps competition ” feature, that will let you challenge your family members and friends to achieve daily steps goals
• Private, only your Circle Chat
• You will get more various features than those found on similar Gps tracker applications
In order for our mobile phone GPS tracker app to work properly, we need a few permissions from you. Getting started is quick and easy. After the first registration your cell phone app will be ready to use.

Here are some of permission and why we are asking them from you:

• Location – Family Locator & Friend Finder lets you see your loved people and their location on your private Circle map. This permission allows us to show location quickly and accurately.
• Network – this connects you to the internet and family members, friends you love. This will allow us to send and receive location information to/and from family members on your private Circle map.
• Camera – permission needed only if you want to identify (or by identified) in your private Circle with a profile picture.
More information about why we need them and how we use them you can find in our Privacy Policy.

How to Get Started with the Family Locator & Gps phone Tracker application
Some permissions are needed for the app to work correctly and give the maximum benefit. Giving access to your location is the most important permission to give, as this allows the application to work with all features. You’ll be able to see where your family and friends are on a private map once this permission is given for you and your circle members.
Other permissions include access to other phone subsystems, needed to send notifications and/or to maintain the service. You can get in touch if you have any concerns about any of the required permissions.
To add people to your group, just get them to download the Family Locator & Cell Phone Gps Tracker and send them a request. Once accepted, you will stay connected to the people who matter most.

Your Peace of Mind
You don’t need worry about your wife, husband, kids, friends safety no more. You can check on your child’s place by request him to check in and be notified when they arrive at school – and when they leave.
If their battery is running low, you can receive an alert and be notified of user address. If you’re the one that has to pick them up, you’ll be able to find them with ease.
When your kid is old enough to drive, you can receive notifications to let you know if they aren’t driving safely. If they exceed the speed limit, you’ll know, and you can take steps to ensure they are aware of the dangers.
It’s an ideal solution to keep them safe both at home and when they are out.

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Info Update

Family Locator, Phone GPS Tracker 1.1.1 Update 2019-08-12 - Bugs fixes;
Download https://apkpure.com/family-locator-phone-gps-tracker/com.family.locator.familylocator.app.new.navigacijos.mb/download?from=details
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