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The description of Fetus Camera

The “Fetus Camera” APP is the companion application software of “Fetus Camera” product self-developed by Marvoto Company. It is used to receive and display real-time two-dimensional videos and three-dimensional videos of babies in pregnant belly taken by “Fetus Camera” product. This is the first photo of life in true sense of each baby.

“Fetus Camera” APP provides you with :
[Professional shooting] Shoot a black-and-white two-dimensional video of a baby. “Can I shoot across the belly?” Yes, the baby’s every move is shown in real time, and its operation is as simple as taking a photo with a mobile phone.
[Advanced Shooting] Take a live 3D video of a baby. Restore the baby’s real-life appearance, you can “face to face” with your baby even if separated from the belly. Mother will not miss baby’s first smile…
[Photo Beautification] Too much interference information in the photos? Marvoto can provide “photo beautification” services by professional retouching staffs. Every photo is worth taking seriously.
[Social sharing] Share baby’s photos to Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, QQ friends to share the joy of baby’s growth.

Fetus Camera is the world’s first family-oriented camera for fetus. Pregnant mothers can see their babies anytime and anywhere through using Fetus Camera.
To learn more about Marvoto “Fetus Camera”, please follow the official website of Marvoto: http://www.marvoto.com/
Looking forward to seeing you…

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Info Update

Fetus Camera V1.5.6 Update 2020-05-23 Optimize the 3D/4D algorithm
Download https://apkpure.com/fetus-camera/meikids.com.zk.kids/download?from=details
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