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The description of Field Monitoring

Protect your crops with individual recommendations and alerts in the event of frost, heat, disease or drought.

Deepfield Connect Field Monitoring provides you with the most important information about your plants at the right time. Anytime, anywhere. Document work steps directly at the field. Identify trends and growth stages and compare them with previous years and months. With robust sensors and intelligent software, the system supports you in efficient foil and fleece management and in supplying your crops with water, plant nutrients and plant-protection products in a resource-saving and optimal way. The data of the measuring systems are reliably transferred to your smartphone via the cloud. This offers you an overview of your fruit, vegetable, arable and wine-growing activities at anytime and anywhere.

Field Monitoring shows you free of charge temperature, rainfall and wind speed as well as a region-specific 3-day weather forecast for your fields. To enable field-specific measurements, you can extend the data acquisition with sensors in four different configurations. The measurement technology covers the essential parameters of a classic weather station and records not only temperature and humidity but also soil moisture.


Your benefits at a glance:
– Increase harvest quality and quantity through demand-driven plant management
– Conserving resources thanks to precise irrigation, fertilisation and plant protection measures with crop-specific recommendations
– Identifying risks and initiating countermeasures in good time
– Convenient remote access that can be shared with employees
– Easy self-installation

Protect your fruit, vegetables and grain with your smartphone! For more information visit:

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Info Update

Field Monitoring Update 2020-04-07 - Improved scaling of history graphs- More accurate temperature curves through more data points - Additional alarm values can be configured - Graph of soil moisture graph completely reworked- Display of time since last data transmission in the history- Performance improvements
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