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Sign up for Griddy to get the ultimate in energy savings. Griddy bypasses the middleman, connecting you directly to the lowest available energy prices. Because better data means bigger savings, the Griddy app delivers real-time consumption information and energy price alerts right to your smartphone.

Sign up or access your data via the Griddy app
Track the real-time price of energy up to the next 48 hours
Manage your monthly, daily or hourly energy usage and spend
Receive price alerts that let you know when the price of energy is really high or really low
Easily update payment and account information
Enjoy the ease of automatic payments with our pay-as-you-go plan – No more bills!

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Info Update

Griddy 4.1.6 Update 2019-12-17 Weather and electricity prices go together like biscuits and gravy – so we decided to bring the gravy into the app. The Wholesale Price screen now shows weather information to correspond with the current price and projected prices to give you better, more informative data.
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