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The description of Gym Exercises

Join over 900,000 users & get fit and strong in 2020! Gym Exercises & Workouts is 100% free and adaptable to all fitness levels and workouts!

Create and customize your own workouts or search over 120 predefined workouts to help improve fitness, add strength, get ripped or tone up!

Track your history with the workout log calendar while the workout graphs help identify trends and show how much weight you have lifted this week, month, 6 months or even year.

Browse or search over 160 exercises separated into targeted muscle groups highlighting the activated muscles on animated figures without having to click to an external site or wait for slow videos to load.

Create your own custom exercises to use in your workouts! If you have a unique exercise that isn’t in other apps you can add it!

Gym Exercises & Workouts is designed to aid beginners understand the mechanics of each exercise so walking into a gym doesn’t seem so daunting, or refresh a veteran’s memory of training routines they may have forgotten. The movements have been written by a seasoned gym junkie and state level powerlifter with over 18 years’ experience.

All information is stored on a secure private cloud so you can access your data on any Android device!

Summary of Gym Exercises & Workouts features:
🏋️ Over 120 free predefined workouts
📓 Create and customize your own workouts
🔄 Swap, add and skip exercises during a workout
📊 Workout Graphs – check total weight lifted or worked muscle groups
🏃‍♂️ Create and use your own custom exercises in workouts
📆 Track your workout history with a built-in calendar
⏲️ Adjustable rest timer in-between sets during a workout
🔍 Search for exercises
💜 Create a favorites workout or exercise list for quick reference
👍 Facebook integration for quick login
🗳️ Vote on your favorite exercises with other members
⚖️ Regional weight selection – kg or lb
💪 Simple, animated figures highlighting the activated muscles during an exercise
📚 Clear instructions how to perform each exercise

Gym Exercises & Workouts does rely on an internet connection to be able to pull the information and images in the app may change.

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Info Update

Gym Exercises 3.27 Update 2020-05-15 🏋️*NEW* ADDED 2 WEEKS OF WORKOUTS YOU CAN DO AT HOME TO HELP THOSE WITH CLOSED GYMS!🔥 *NEW* News, Tips and FAQ's Added!🔥 Over 120 FREE Predefined Workouts to help add mass, strength, get jacked, tone up or loose fat!🔥 Over 160 Exercises with animated GIFs highlighting activated muscles and detailed instructions how to lift correctly🔥 Improved Offline Experience! Lookup exercises and workouts while offline!🔥 Minor bug fixes - Expired Session Cleanup
Download https://apkpure.com/gym-exercises-workouts/adam.exercisedictionary/download?from=details
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