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The description of Harbuk.com

Harbuk Shopping took the responsibility to bring you a safe & guaranteed shopping experience in Levant. You can find exactly what you need with the best prices in the market, be the first in knowing other buyers ratings about a product, join the discussion, and ask questions about all the products inside.

Harbuk.com is your way to find exactly what you need, the app have made it easier in categorizing the merchandise inside the app, and made it easier to navigate from all products sections anywhere you are. You can anytime check your cart without leaving your current page, add wishlists and organize them according to what you need, share your favorite products, lists, categories with your friends with only 1-click.

The app brought you a section where all our discounted products can be easily found, see the latest deals, top rated products, best selling, and join the discussion.

We aim in delivering the most funny, comfortable, reliable shopping experience in Levant region. So, what are you waiting for? download the app now! and enjoy online shopping in Levant.

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Info Update

Harbuk.com 1.1 Update 2020-02-03 - Updates on users' contributions options: - You can change your old ratin. - You can review old ratings from your account. - You can ask questions and get answers directly on each product page.- Adding notifications board, where you are able to know the news of our store, latest deals, and new products.- New Product filter tool- Easier and user friendly categorizing format to make shopping fun and convenience.- Adding visuals to enhance our application user experience.
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