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The description of Health Sync

Sync your health data between Google Fit and Samsung Health, or with Fitbit, Garmin, InBody, Oura Ring, Polar, Suunto or Withings (Health Mate). Health Sync works automatically and syncs the data in the background.

It will sync data from the time you first use the app. Historical data (all data before the day of installation) can be synced after the free trail period, but currently this is only supported between Google Fit and Samsung Health. Warning: Samsung announced on May 18 that after June 30, 2020, steps data can’t be synced anymore to Samsung Health. No synchronization app will be allowed to write steps to Samsung Health anymore. We filed an objection, but it is highly doubtful whether Samsung will reverse this decision. Reading steps data and other data, and writing other data will continue to work.

One week free trial

Health Sync is very easy to use. It offers you a one week free trial period. After the trial period, you must make a one-time purchase to continue using Health Sync. Previously, you could choose between a one-time purchase and a six month subscription. But it is not longer supported to start a new subscription. If you previously started a subscription, then you can continue using the app until you cancel the subscription.

Just try the app and see if it fits your needs. What data you can sync depends on the source app from which you sync data, and the destination app(s) to which you sync the data. You can sync to Samsung Health, Google Fit and/or Fitbit. Polar, Suunto, InBody, Oura, Withings and Garmin do not allow to sync data to these apps/health data environments.

You can choose different source apps for different types of data. For example: sync activities from Garmin to Samsung Health, and sync sleep from Fitbit to Samsung Health and Google Fit. After the first initialization actions, you can define the different sync directions.

When possible, with heart rate data, also blood pressure, blood sugar and oxygen saturation are synced.

When syncing nutrition data also water intake is synced if this is possible.

Syncing between health data apps sometimes doesn’t work as expected. Don’t worry, almost all issues can be solved easily. You can check the Help Center menu in Health Sync. And if you can’t solve the issue, you can send a Health Sync problem report (the last option in the Help Center menu), or send an email to You will get support to solve the sync issue.

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Info Update

Health Sync 6.5.2 Update 2020-05-21 Added warning when syncing steps to Samsung Health: Samsung announced on May 18 that they will revoke access to write steps data to Samsung Health for all synchronization apps. We protested, but probably it won't be possible to sync steps to Samsung Health after June 30, 2020. Reading steps and reading or writing all other types of data will still be possible.Improved export for Samsung Health steps data.
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