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Heavy Truck Robot Giant Truck Driver Simulator

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The description of Heavy Truck Robot

Proudly presenting Heavy Truck Robot Transformation: Giant Truck Driver Simulator. This robot truck driving games lets you play as a real trucker with a slight twist. This game is a unique combination of truck transport games and robot transformation games. You are in possession of a heavy truck which can transform into a giant truck robot. We will present you with various challenging truck missions to transport various top secret military assets to US army base in this truck robot games.
This real truck driving simulator delivers an exciting city driving experience that will make you feel like driving real trucks. If you like new truck games then you will definitely like this truck robot game. In this truck transport games you get to drive around in different vehicles such as a Truck Trailer, heavy cargo truck also known as cargo transporter truck. You will use this to move military transport cargo trailer around the city. Handling 18 wheeler truck is not an easy task in the robot truck games. You have to safeguard precious top secret cargo and keep it safe from evil enemy robots. Enjoy this unique robot transforming games.
Get ready for the long truck driving games. In this transforming robot games you will be intercepted by the enemy while transporting euro truck cargo. You have to save the truck cargo at all cost in euro truck driver games. Don’t worry you have the best truck money can buy. If you wanted to be a trucking driver, then the best way to practice your truck heavy transport driving skills is to pick up this truck cargo delivery simulator. Choose your vehicles that you would like as truck cargo driver. Load cars on top of the truck trailer of the transport truck & complete truck parking challenges.
Transport precious cargo in your robot truck in giant truck simulator. Take it to different places like across and within different cities. Get behind the wheel of your euro truck and make sure you successfully complete your trucking missions. You will have to overcome many challenges in this new truck robot transformation games. Play the best giant truck robot games.
Heavy Truck Robot Transformation: Giant Truck Driver Simulator Features:
• Drive across country roads and highways
• Easy controls (tilt, buttons or touch steering wheel)
• Realistic weather conditions
• Challenging Heavy Truck Driver missions
• Amazing engine sounds
• Realistic AI traffic system
• Transforming robot action of truck robot games

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Info Update

Heavy Truck Robot 39 Update 2020-02-17 Bug Fixes
Download https://apkpure.com/heavy-truck-robot-giant-truck-driver-simulator/com.rds.heavy.giant.truck.robot.truck.driver.simulator/download?from=details
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