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In H&M One Team you will find everything in one place. How useful is that? You no longer have to search in different places, use private apps for work and use various external apps to find the information you need. The One Team shop is now a “”one stop shop”” and through this app you will find everything you need, such as your salary slip, Backstage, the timetable, useful training modules and practical house rules. Of course you still have to use your personal login name and password to access the information, but this is to protect your personal information.

The One Team app has a chat function, so you no longer have to send whats app messages with your private telephone number. You can set yourself for whom your data is visible and who can send you chats. You also have your own timeline where short messages are posted with updates, important news or fun facts. This can be done from the support office or your store manager, but you can also post messages yourself. It works a bit like Facebook, but is in a familiar H&M environment.

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H&M One Team 2.25.2 Update 2020-09-19 We update the app as often as possible to make your experience as good as possible. This is what you'll find in the latest version:- Fixed bug where schedule page wouldn't load for organisations with integrations
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