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The description of iTaksi

Convenient and Safe Trips with iTaksi!

iTaksi is an online taxi service, developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) to ensure both passengers’ and taxi drivers’ safety and comfort. Download it now and enjoy your first trip today!

What are the features of iTaksi?

You can calculate the estimated fare for your trip in advance with iTaksi. Before requesting a taxi, just navigate to the “Calculate Fare” menu and simply find out the estimated duration and fare for your trip.

The nearest taxi will be directed to you at the touch of a button, without having to search or wait for a taxi.

iTaksi offers you three (3) different vehicle options depending on your needs. Traditional yellow taxi, turquoise taxi for more comfortable rides and black taxi for the most luxurious taxi rides.

You can make your payment in three different ways – in cash, with credit card or istanbulkart™. You can choose among the payment alternatives before hailing a taxi and see the trip fare on the application at the end of your journey. You only need to enter your credit card details once.

You can rate and review the driver and the ride upon the completion of the trip.

You can save your frequently used addresses to the “Favorite Addresses” section and speed up the taxi hailing process.

iTaksi vechicles are equiped with dual cameras and the cameras capture and store video without sound, ensuring safety.

You may share your suggestions and complaints about your taxi trips with iTaksi at Alo 153 in Istanbul or on our website,

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Info Update

iTaksi v1.2.1 Update 2019-09-23 Performance improvements and minor bug fixes.
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