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Jungle Raja Adventure World Jump & Run King -Free

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The description of Jungle Raja

The Forest of Jungle Raja has been recently attacked by the aliens who dramatically turned the living beings of his jungle into monsters. In this ultra-fun run, jump and shoot platform adventure you need to help the brave commando save the jungle.
Will Jungle Raja can save his Jungle? Would he be able to restore the peace?
The jungle is now a dangerous place, so help Jungle Raja establishing the peace back again. Be the hero everyone needs!
Start your adventure in the jungle, download Jungle Raja and help the brave commando Raja in his quest to retrieve the Jungle!

For anyone that loved retro arcade games, Jungle Raja will surely be a great new challenge. This fun jump and run endless platformer is indeed exciting! There are no levels, no time pressures, but a simple score. Score that counts how long will you in the jungle. Be warned: explosions, crazy enemies & unexpected obstacles will try to stop you! How far can you go? Find out now!

Use your weapons and control Raja smartly. The enemies can be of different kind and the obstacles will often come unexpected. Just like in the endless runner & platformers with running, jumping & shooting, your focus and preciseness will be highly needed. Master the Raja’s movements, you’ll master this adventure 2D platform shooting game!

✅ 2D platformer gameplay that reminds of the retro arcaders
✅ Great Stages and lovely Scenery
✅ Simple platformer game controls with run & jump (tap to shoot)
✅ Shoot rockets
✅ Kill dragons
✅ Collect coins
✅ Doge rockets and flying bombs
✅ free retro arcade 2D platform shooting game

✅ Tap on cross ‘X’ button to shoot bullets
✅ Tap on cirlce ‘O’ button to jump
✅ Slide to move back and forth
✅ kill or avoid the monster
✅ collect coins and diamonds

The jungle is still possessed by creatures that can destroy it.
What are you waiting for?
Raja can lose his jungle in this crazy amusing & challenging adventure jump and shoot!
Download Jungle Raja now and enjoy a real adventure game!

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Info Update

Jungle Raja 2 Update 2018-04-26 This Update Is The New Wonderful Addition In Jungle Raja Adventure Series. It Includes.- New Enemies- Great New World- Few Bug Fixes- Shop Module Addition- PowerUPs Like Kill-All-Enemies And Invincibility- New Boss Levels- New In-App-Purchases
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