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Just Money manager, Expense Budget Bills Receipts

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The description of Just Money

A simple & easy to use money manager app to tracking your expenses, bank accounts, transactions, cash balance, spending budget, store receipt photos and attachments, bills reminder & payments, recurring transactions / bills and many more.
With integrated Google Drive backup your data including receipt photos & attachments are regularly backed up onto the cloud storage. So you will never lose your data, receipts attached, even when you change your device.

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Download now to experience the personal assistant and book keeping software that support multiple profiles, meaning you can manage your individual, household and business cash flow with-in this single Apps and independent from each other.

[$] Paid App features:
* Transfer between different currency accounts, with exchange rate support
* Advanced budgets to support Day, Week, Month, Year
* Export & email transactions including receipt photos, for expense approval
* Dashboard overview for Day, Week, Month and Year
* Change category for multiple transactions
* Period wise comparison reports
* Generate PDF reports
* Reports filter
* Account balance charts and forecast
* Comparison charts
* Expense and income trends
* Custom date range selection
* Advanced data view by Day, Week, Monty or Year
* Restore data & receipts from backup
* App security: both PIN and Fingerprint based
* Change startup screen
* Unlimited profiles / accounts
* Built-in contact developer support

* Integrated Bills Reminder
– Bills search, list, reports & charts
– Daily reminder Notification for unpaid bills
– Recurring bills
– Link bill payment to a transactions
– Delete all related Recurring Transactions / bills in a single click
* Multiple profile support

[+] All features included in free version:
* Add expenses and income
* Accounts
* Budget planner
* Fund transfer between accounts
* Categories and subcategories
* Integrated exchange rate, with multiple currency transfers
* More than 160 currencies supported
* Auto completion entries
* Multiple attachments, receipts photos
* Transactions list, with running account balance
* Search, filter & sort data
* Transaction status (void, uncleared, cleared, reconciled)
* Barcode scanner integration
* Import transactions, CSV file
* Calender view & built-in calculator
* Daily scheduled auto backup of entire app data
* Backup entire app data, including receipts captured
* Google Drive integration to backup App data

What is an profile?
A profile is an organized collection of data, like a data storage, account books, similar to having multiple email accounts.
For example: If you have multiple businesses (business units) and like to deal with each of their expenses, categories, invoice / bill, transactions, turnover separately. Create profile for each business unit. Something like: ‘my off licence shop’, ‘my flower shop’, ‘all my personal expenses’.

Permission Required:
– READ / WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: To store backup files, import / export transactions, save receipt photos on your phone files
– CAMERA: To take picture of your receipts / bills
– INTERNET: To check for new updates

What’s Next?
* Labels / projects
* Split transactions
* Sync data between multiple devices & web access
* & more

Special thanks to:
– Emin Feyzov, Moscow (http://www.citycom.ru) for help us with Russian language translation.

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