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The description of KBZ Learning Academy

This official KBZ learning academy app can be used to browse the content of your respective courses and those course can be downloaded for offline usage.
You can learn the lesson of your respective courses, take the quizzes and do the assignments. Once you have finish all the activities regarding to a specific course, the 100% bar will be shown below the title of the course. With this function, you won’t forget which course you view or didn’t view.
You can also find and contact other people through messenger box and easily get notifications for events and other announcements.
Moreover, you can view your own grade for all those courses. You can also easily change your profile setting under the button “Edit Profile”.
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Info Update

KBZ Learning Academy 2.0.1 Update 2020-02-03 - Show topic by topic, lesson by lesson and next topic, previous topic by icon- Add horizontal and vertical type for Quiz- Minor bug fix
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