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The description of Lens Scanner

The solution to getting your current glasses prescription for free, anywhere and anytime!

The SmartBuyGlasses Lens Scanner App is pioneering a new way of buying glasses online by empowering users to extract their glasses prescription from their phone, completely for free! This service, which is FDA listed, will help you save both time and money when buying your next pair of glasses, since you will no longer need to go to an eye clinic to get your current eyeglasses prescription.

Our Lens Scanner allows people who already have glasses, but don’t remember their prescription details, to extract their glasses prescription immediately through their phone, by providing an accurate reading of the glasses’ current prescription. Thanks to this new technology, eye care can be provided in a convenient and direct way, anywhere.

The process is very easy. You just need 4 things:
1. A smartphone with the Lens Scanner app installed, the app is available in both the Apple store and Google play store.
2. A laptop or computer (with a 12” screen or larger).
3. Your current pair of prescription eyeglasses.
4. A standard size magnetic card for measurement.

How does it work?
Through the manipulation of light coming from your digital screen, and the use of the magnetic part of your card, the app is able to retrieve the optical parameters of your current eyeglasses. Once the app has finished scanning the lenses of your glasses, it will provide you with an accurate prescription. Your glasses prescription will then be saved to your account and automatically applied to any glasses you’d like to purchase.
What are the benefits of using Lens Scanner?

The main benefit of the Lens Scanner app is that you will save time and money by having your vision correction details checked in just a few minutes, no optician visit required.

The app is FDA listed, completely free of charge and can be used entirely at the convenience of the user.
In just a few, easy-to-follow steps, you can get your glasses prescription anywhere, anytime and subsequently order a pair of prescription designer eyeglasses.

It is recommended that the Lens Scanner app is used by individuals from 18 years old and above, with stable vision, and who are happy with their current prescription. Further requirements include cylinder measurement lower than -2.50 and single vision prescription between -6.00 and +3.00.

It is not recommended to use the Lens Scanner app if you:
• Have a progressive, multifocal, or bifocal prescription.
• Have a prescription that includes a prism measurement.
• Have a high single-vision or astigmatism prescription.
• Take any medication that affects your vision.
• Have any illness or condition that affects your eye health.

Note: Please read our full terms of use. It includes, amongst other information, a detailed list of conditions and illnesses that may inhibit the lens scanner from producing accurate results.

About us
SmartBuyGlasses Optical Group is the world’s leading designer eyewear e-commerce company. With operations across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, we are market leaders in over 20 countries, including SmartBuyGlasses.com in the US and VisionDirect.com.au in Australia.

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Info Update

Lens Scanner 3.14.1225 Update 2020-04-08 Brand new Lens Scanner app by SmartBuyGlasses!Lens Scanner is a tool for extracting your prescription details from your current glasses. If you have glasses but don’t know where your original prescription is, this service will help save time and money in the process of buying new glasses. Additionally, Lens Scanner also measures your pupillary distance (PD) in a heartbeat! You will get all the prescription details you need to buy a new pair of prescription eyeglasses!
Download https://apkpure.com/lens-scanner/com.glasseson.smartBuyGlasses/download?from=details
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