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Lullaby Lullaby Songs for Baby

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The description of Lullaby App

What is Lullaby?

Lullaby is an offline lullaby sleeping application. It allows you and your baby to fall asleep peaceful. There are many lullaby sounds inside.

Why lullaby sounds are in fact great for children?

★ They can help children sleep with relaxing and calming
★ They boost a child’s imagination and cultural literacy
★ They develop critical thinking skills
★ They can help children deal with emotions themselves
★ And finally, they are great fun!

A few of the application properties:

★ No video or audio adverts
★ 18 Lullaby songs
★ Playing in background
★ Sleep timer
★ Works offline
★ Night mode (Background Light ON / OFF)

In the application you can find the following lullaby musics:

★ A La Nanita Nana
★ All The Pretty Horses
★ Are You Sleeping
★ Blue Little Bear
★ Bottle Bottle Jam
★ Brahms Lullaby
★ Dream Of Whale
★ Finger Family Song
★ Hey Diddle Diddle
★ Hush Little Baby
★ Limitless Happiness
★ Over The Rainbow
★ Rock A Bye Baby
★ Soft Calming
★ Super Relaxing
★ Sweet Smile
★ The Bells Never Sound
★ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This sleep application can be used like baby sleep music and lullaby for babies . It includes best lullabies for babies and kids . In addition, parent relaxing with these baby sleep sounds . Lullaby is the best sleep application with lullaby songs for baby .

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