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The description of MalO ver1.0.0

Never settle for those awkward feelings of being alone ever again. MalO is an exciting and interactive experience that will keep you engaged and intrigued. The anxiety of social situations can be nerve-racking, but after just a few hours of MalO you will soon forget all about those painful emotions of disappointment. Be part of the new craze that is quickly becoming the next social substitute. Remember, the more you participate, the more MalO will engage you. Your experience is completely up to you. Absolutely NO ADS. Enjoy!

Generate photos with MalO in them from Google Street View based on your location
Generate selfies with MalO in them.

Since the photos of your location are generated from Google Street View, they may be several years old and therefore not accurately represent your present location.

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Info Update

MalO ver1.0.0 1.1.0 Update 2019-12-17 Removed wallpaper feature because it seemed to be causing crashes. Notifications now happen even if Google Street View does not have images of your location. If you receive a notification with no image it means Google Street View does not have images for your location. Added the '0m' option for distance in settings.Some bug fixes for the notification service.Added a 'Report Bug' and 'Request Feature' option to the main screen.
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