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miseGo Air Quality Info in Korea

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The description of miseGo App

Accurate fine dust & air pollution information(PM10, PM2.5) app.
Air quality forecast feature add! (Developed by google AI technology)
WHO standards, including current location and multiple locations (Korea nation wide), at once.

Real-time fine dust, super fine dust information at a glance!
It’s different from other apps that show in numbers.
An application that displays the current fine dust status using the intuitive icon!
It shows the current status based on WHO standards.
miseGo app will help you with your health.

main function:
+ WHO current fine dust status notification
+ Real time concentration of fine dust (PM10)
+ Super fine dust real time concentration (PM2.5)
+ Show AQI info
+ Real time measurement of sulfur dust, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide
+ Fine dust system is currently out of order or checking, it will show near another station(system) fine dust information.
+ Attempt to check the fine dust information at one time nationwide
+ Confirmation of city / province information at once
+ Provides information on ultrafine dust at all measuring stations
– If PM 2.5 fine dust value is not measurement that it will replace nearest measuring point value at the time of non-measurement.
– If it is not working by near measuring station, it will replace check nearest measuring station.

– Ministry of Environment Korea Environment Corporation (Air Korea)
– Anyang University Climate Energy Environment Convergence Research Institute (Director: Professor Koo)
– Meteorological Office

Thank you very much for using miseGo(Air Quality in Korea) app.
Developer contact:
[email protected]

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Info Update

miseGo App 70.1.0 Update 2021-04-09 Please, update this app. If you do not update it will not working properly.
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