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The description of Mod Truk Bos Galak

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The release of the new game, ES Truck Simulator ID (aka ESTS) will give you the sensation of being a professional truck driver in areas that have ugly and winding roads. In this game you can perform “OLENG SAM” actions or maneuver using your truck equipped with spotlight camera to support your action of shaking.

Features that are present in the ESTS game:
– extreme map according to hinterland
– real and original truck models
– real damage feature
– tub selection feature
– load skin feature
– customization site (coming)
– load carrying feature
– Realistic vehicle suspension and control

With the presence of this new game, it is hoped that it can make its own taste and container for those of you who want to feel the sensation of “shaking” safely in the game. Give 5 stars and comment on mod requests so that we can always update adding various mods in this supporting application.

In the next apk update, we will share how to add money in the Es truck simulator ID game along with how to install the Es truck simulator ID skin and a tutorial on playing ES truck simulator ID then how to install the livery and load the sand ES truck simulator ID, wait for an update from us. Thank you

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Mod Truk Bos Galak 1.0 Update 2020-12-01 Mod Truk Bos Galak 2021
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