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Moslim App Adan Prayer times, Qibla, Holy Quran

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The description of Moslim App

We are happy to present to you a pack of Islamic applications necessary in the Muslim daily life named Moslim App – Muslim App such as: Hijri date, Athan and prayer times (Salat times) like (Prayer time dubai), the Holy Quran (Quran Majeed), Adkar, Quranic Supplications, Prophet supplications, direction of Qibla, electronic rosary, the nearest mosques (Nearby masjid), the audio library of the Holy Quran, the right ALLAH names from Al-kitab and Sunnah… on doctrines of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.

The Muslim application (Moslim App – Muslim App) is directed to Muslims in all parts of the earth. It depends on the doctrines of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah and it supports multiple languages including Arabic, English and French. We keen to develop it on simplicity, efficiency, and speed.

Athan and prayer timings (Salat times):
Now you can get prayer timings (Salat times) in your country with high accuracy and ease.
You may determine particular Athan (Azan time) for each prayer from a long list of well-known Muezzins such as Ali Ahmed Al Malla, Noureddine El Haddioui, Mishary Al Afasy…
You can adjust the way to inform you about prayer times through many features.
You may get prayer times of specific month.
You can recognize Rawatib and Nawafil after each prayer.

Qibla direction (Kaaba finder):
You can identify Qibla direction (The direction of Kaaba in the Holy Mecca) from where you are with high accuracy.
A wonderful map allows you to know qibla direction easily from your current location with the possibility to see the distance between you and Holy Mecca.
Qibla direction works also on old phones.

The Holy Quran (Mushaf al-Madinah):
You can now read all the Holy Quran with Tajwid signs, sajda signs, and more.
Search by chapters, Ahzab or Ajzae.
You can save verses to find it easily.
The translation of the holy Quran to different languages as the Holy Quran in English, the Holy Quran in French.
The feature of reading on the nightly mode.
The possibility of changing Mushaf background, lines and colors.
Interpretation (Tafsir Muyassar) of the Holy Quran and Tafasir translation.
Note: with coming updates the Quran Kareem by Warsh from Nafiaa and the Quran Kareem by Qaloun from Nafiaa will be added.

Adkar, supplications and Tassabih:
You can read truest Adkar and prophetic supplications in different languages.
Quranic supplications in many languages such as Quranic supplications in English…
Daily Tasabih.
Different Categories to quick access for example morning and evening Adkar, sadnesses and woes Adkar, travel Adkar…

Find Mosques Near You (Masjid):
You can know the nearest mosque to your location (Massajid dubai).
The app can guide you across the map to the mosque (Masjid khalifa).

The electronic rosary:
Glorify ALLAH every time by a smart rosary.

The audio library of the Holy Quran:
You can listen to all the Holy Quran by a lot of reciters such as Mishary Al Afasy, Abd Albaset Abd Ssamad, Omar Al Kazabri, Ahmed Al Ajmi, Abderrahman Soudais…
The holy Quran by different recitations (Riwayat) as Hafs from Asim, Warsh from Nafiaa, Qaloun from Nafiaa.

Teaching Shahada:
Teaching Shahada is a feature for those want to become Muslims and for those don’t speak Arabic. It helps you to learn Shahada easily and in different languages.

Hijri calendar:
You can get the Hijri calendar in different countries.

Live broadcast (Live Makkah):
You can directly see the sacred mosque in Mecca and Madina.

99 Names of Allah (Al Asma Ul Husna) with Meaning and Explanation:
List of the truest ALLAH names from Quran and Sunnah with argument and witness.

Please share with us your suggestions and expectations in order to develop the app.
You can help us by publishing the application… may ALLAH rewards you.
For more information: [email protected]

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Moslim App 20.05.18 Update 2020-05-17 Performance improvements and bug fixes
Download https://apkpure.com/moslim-app-adan-prayer-times-qibla-holy-quran/com.moslimapp/download?from=details
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