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The description of MotorSim 2

MotorSim 2 is a performance calculator for land vehicles (please note that this App is not a driving game, as it only does a physical simulation of their performance when accelerating in a straight line).

MotorSim 2 allows you to configure technical characteristics and calculates the resulting performance. It includes an interactive simulator with speedometer, rpm meter, throttle, brake and gear shift (manual or auto), with procedurally generated engine sound (not by sampling) an a representation of vehicle position over a 1/4 mile track segment. Once a setting has been tested, the user can save a ghost/shadow in order to later compare this setting performance with some other.

Configurable vehicle parameters are:

– Max Power
– Power curve (can be defined point by point).
– Torque curve (as power = torque * rpm , defining the power curve automatically defines torque one).
– Max engine RPM (ignition cutoff).
– Gears configuration (up to 10 gears).
– Resistances (Cx, frontal area and rolling resistance coefficients).
– Vehicle weight.
– Tyre size.
– Shift time.
– Transmission efficiency.

Calculated performance parameters are:

– Maximum speed.
– Acceleration 0-60, 0-100, 0-200, 0-300,… and so on.
– … and any other you can measure by using the interactive simulator.

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Info Update

MotorSim 2 1.24 Update 2018-06-26 - Gallery "Like/Don't Like" voting (+ filtering and ordering).- Gallery "Correct/Incorrect" voting (+ filtering and ordering).- Gallery "Number of downloads" ordering.- Google search integrated.
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