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The description of Mr PECS App

Mr PECS is a speech therapist app for autistic children, it evaluates the speech ability of the child then teaches him how to communicate.

It is consisted of 3 parts:
• Evaluating the speech ability of the child based on the status and health of speech organs, based on questions asked to the parents or the specialist the app will show a report explains if the child needs to solve an issue related to speech or not with recommendations.
• Teaching the child how to communicate by applying PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) in easy way.
• Using PECS board inside the app in case the child can use smart phone, this board contains more than 1300 talking cards that teach the child how to pronounce materials names in the right way, also the child can contact his parents using this board.
If the child is not able to use smart phone, he can use PECS book external the app.

Mr PECS can help speech therapists to achieve the goal with low cost and efforts, because it applies Picture Exchange Communication System technique so carefully.

• Evaluating speech organs of the child, to check if he can talk or not, with providing recommendations in case of issues in speech organs, it gives you a complete insight
• Applying PECS stages (the 6 stages) in smooth way
• Improving speech communication
• Excellent in speech sessions for autism children by speech therapist
• Increase and raise the degree of speech communication in children
• It helps speech therapist to archive better results and increase speech communication degree
• Reducing speech impediments and autistic degree
• It can be used for deaf and dumb people – nonverbal communication

• Speech organs evaluation
• Smooth flow of applying PECS
• Providing more than 1,300 talking cards to autism kids to discover the world
• Ease of use with simple interface by speech therapist, parents and children or kids
• Ability to add or modify an existing card
• Control the text of the card
• Multilingual to help more autism kids from deferent regions
• Control the way cards are displayed according to the required level

Speech therapists recommend that parents should use Mr PECS – Speech Therapist for Autistic Children in speech sessions, the application also helps a lot in the process of improving speech communication, speech therapists and parents can access all features of the app with affordable price.

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Info Update

Mr PECS App Update 2021-04-09 - User support is added- UI improvements- Bugs fixing
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