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MR RACER USA Car Racing Game 2020

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The description of MR RACER

#1 Free Offline Car Racing Game 🚘🚗!

Best Car Racing Game 2020 with 100 challenging levels to keep you engaged, You can play Offline. Download now!

• Race with stunning Super-cars at high speed to beat the traffic!
• Career Race Mode : Beat the Rivals & Become a Legend! 🏆
• Upgrade your Super-cars to gear-up the performance & complete the challenges!
• Have your name in your car’s number plate as signature!
• Fluid Controls with variety as per your play style.
• Car Controls Customization 🎮 : Position the controls of your choice
• Preset Right & Left handed controls!
• Three different Camera angles as per you need.
• MR RACER is highly optimized, less file size (less than 38MB) & less battery drain.
• Engaging & Intelligent Traffic system in American Highways.
• You can Save or Load game progress!

MR RACER game will be a treat for fans of Traffic Racer & Highway Racer to feel the fever of high speed racing to become the Real Racing Hero!

Note : Please obey traffic rules in real life.

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Info Update

MR RACER 1.4.2 Update 2020-11-12 1) New Offers to earn free MR RACER cash introduced2) Achievements issues got fixes3) User Interface improved4) Minor bug fixes
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