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The description of mUzima

Interoperability with OpenMRS™
* Seamless registration and encounter-level data collection.
* Robust error resolution mechanisms for transmitted data.
* Ability to handle static and dynamic cohorts.
* Robust form versioning, categorization and transmission.
* Modalities for saving data bundles through transmission of differences between server and mobile device (handling of delta).
* Mechanism to customize amount of data to download on device (i.e. robust handling of concepts).

* User authentication mechanism.
* Automatic time-outs and customization mechanism.
* Device-level data encryption.
* Secure data transmission to central server.
* Ability to handle password changes in settings without reliable connectivity.


* User-centered design.
* Supports multiple versions of Android – 4.4 and above.
* Allows multiple font sizes based on user preferences.
* Ability to zoom in-and-out of forms.
* Customizable and user-tailored cohorts.

* The mUzima community is an emerging and diverse group with an interest in developing, implementing and using truly open source and interoperable mHealth solutions. Get Involved: http://www.muzima.org/get-involved


* The initial features of mUzima have been supported by grants from the AbbVie Foundation, Medtronics Foundation, Regenstrief Institute, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Moi University and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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Info Update

mUzima 2.5.0 Update 2020-01-31 1 Support for Android version 92 Clinical Summary feature (Abstract patient reports)3 Relationship feature4 Multi-theme feature (dark/night and light/day modes)5 Geomapping feature6 Manual sync widget to sync all items if automatic sync is set off7 Ability to use concept UUID on forms in addition to ID8 Improved Handling of temporary observations9 OpenMRS module(muzima-core)-mobile application version compatibility checks10 Other minor improvements and bug fixes
Download https://apkpure.com/muzima/com.muzima/download?from=details
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