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The description of MWS: NIMC MobileID App


After so many revisions, security audits, Privacy reviews and so on, it is finally here.
The First National Rollout of a Mobile Identity ecosystem in Africa.
“Where is my ID Card?” – It is here. It is FREE!

This Mobile ID is issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and the Federal Ministry of Communications & Digital Economy on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

What do you need?
You require a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identity Management Commission or one of its accredited agents and a Mobile Number.
Link your Mobile Numbers to your NIN – securely
In this official release, you may add up to 6 extra Mobile Numbers to comply with the requirements of the NCC to link your Mobile numbers to your NIN.
Do it securely and safely from the comfort of your home.
The NIMC will handle the rest for you.
Look for “My Devices” on the main dashboard and enter the Mobile Numbers, one after the other.
If you carry out this exercise before the 31st January 2021, the verification OTP will be delivered FREE. After that date, the Telco will be responsible for determining any SMS charges.

Where can I use it?
This MobileID is a valid means of identity anywhere within the Federal Republic of Nigeria, alongside the physical National ID Card, your Passport, Driver’s license and/or Voter’s ID Card.
If you are refused service anywhere you present this ID, please send an email to mobileid@nimc.gov.ng and the relevant department will take appropriate action.
The only caveat is that anywhere it is presented, your ID MUST be verified on the spot. PLEASE DO NOT permit anyone to make a photocopy of your MobileID or to put it in a scanner.
If they wish to have a copy for their records, they should use their own copy of the NIMC MobileID (means they have a NIN too), to scan the QR Code on the ID page. They can then log into the portal which will be available at https://myportal.nimc.gov.ng and print out the verification sheet.
Your ID is YOURS – you therefore reserve the right to know who verified your identity and when.
That cannot be done if a copy is made. Protect your Identity!!!

By default, only basic information will be displayed under “Show My ID”. To view or display extra information such as your date of birth, nationality and gender, please click on the “FullID” button on the top right corner of that screen.

Only the information you choose to display will be verifiable. Nothing else. The verifier also cannot store your ID on their phone.
We have developed this app with Privacy at the core of the development.
The app DOES NOT store the National Identity Database.

We have a set of Frequently Asked Questions available at https://nimcmobile.app.

If you have questions directly related to the app, please drop us an email at mobileid@nimc.gov.ng.
Please note: We cannot answer questions regarding errors in your name, date of birth at that email address. Please see the FAQ to answer those questions.

Welcome to your Digital Identity.

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MWS: NIMC MobileID App 2.4.2 Update 2021-04-22 This MobileID Application is published and maintained by the Federal Government of Nigeria and serves as a valid means of Identification as a complement to, or in place of a physical ID Card.We will continue to strive to adopt and implement State-of-the-Art Personal Identity for all holders of a National Identification Number (NIN).It shall not be rejected by any party, Government Agency, Public or Private Sector, but must be verified on presentation - Trust but Verify.
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