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My Microphone Sound Amplifier & Voice Changer

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The description of My Microphone App

My Microphone – Sound Amplifier & Voice Changer app lets you use your device as a live mike and megaphone! Plug it into a stereo system or connect via bluetooth and start talking or singing songs! My Mic is making it great for use in public speeches, karaoke or anywhere you need to use a mike like a real megaphone, voice recorder or booster.

App features:
– Single button control
– Automatic recorder for your live performance or singing
– Microphone gain control and equalizer
– 8 pro sound effects for tweaking your voice
– Karaoke section with the most popular songs in English
– Booster of the sound and volume like a real megaphone

Tips for using My Microphone – Sound Amplifier & Voice Changer:
First things first, we recommend turning down the volume of My Mic.
Next, plug your audio cable into the 3.5mm headphone output of the device, and then connect the other end of the cable to your audio speakers, or simply connect it via bluetooth with your Bluetooth speaker.
Finally, turn My Mic on by pressing the On/Off button on the display. Adjust the volume by using the volume buttons of your device.
Tap the Auto Rec button if you want to record your voice with mike. Tap again to stop recording. This feature is disabled by default.

My Microphone – Sound Amplifier & Voice Changer app is the best tool for live singing and giving speeches through speakers, as well as a pro audio recorder and booster in one app!

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