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Oasis Make Friends In Virtual World

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The description of Oasis

Oasis is a virtual world where you make friends.

What can you do?
Go clubbing or hunting with your new friends, or watch movies or ball games in a pub.
Plenty of FPS/Simulation/Puzzle games for you to play and meet new players.
Also, you can build your private worlds and invite friends to share it with you.

Join “Oasis” to make friends and create your dream world!

– Infinite avatar selection
In Oasis, you decide who you are and how you look. You can be Lolita, a MechWarrior, or Godzilla! Anything from your imagination can be quickly transformed into your virtual avatar in the game.

– Chat and make friends
The immersive virtual world uses full-space 3D audio chat. Imagine a truly social experience where you can enjoy a variety of real facial expressions and body movements in a virtual world! Find friends who are as cool as you are and talk to each other no matter your location.

– Hang out and have fun
You can chat with friends, play poker, go bowling, or host a house party. You can also create your own avatars in multiple virtual worlds – all for you and your friends!

– Start your second life
With an enormous selection of in-game scenes, making friends is a flexible and joyful process. Without borders, you can find friends across the globe!

Oasis is a virtual world that provides a fully immersive gaming experience through socialization and creation. Players can upload their own virtual avatars, meet new friends, and build their own world in the Oasis.

Follow us on Discord for more product updates and Quick-find your friends!

For more information please visit our official website.

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Info Update

Oasis 0.9.1 Update 2020-11-02 What's New1. Performance optimization2. Network optimization3. Bug fixes: - Fixed some crash issues; - Fixed stuck sometime when loading resources.
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