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The description of Plastic Surgery In Motion-v101 App

Plastic Surgery In Motion is a new patient recording software designed to help plastic surgeons and their patients to follow standardized video recording formats for various surgical procedures in order to generate the patient’s before and after surgery “Virtual Physicals on Demand”. They are meant to supplement or to replace the patients’ before and after surgery photographs.

In order to save photos, please remember to ENABLE SHARING between your photo gallery and the app when prompted.

Benefits of the app:
These short, standardized and detailed video accounts of patient’s live condition provide additional dynamic information as a part of the patient’s record, which is beyond the capability of photographs. These videos are excellent learning, teaching and quality assessment tools to all interested individuals for instantaneous retrieval, viewing, analysis and sharing. Above all, they will help to demystify plastic surgery and help all individuals listed below to engage in positive and productive surgical enterprises and quality outcomes:

• Surgeons – for self learning and reflection on their surgical decision making process, validation of their chosen technique, and to gain patients’ confidence through open and candid discussions
• Current patients – for thorough and open discussions of the possible outcomes of a chosen procedure before surgery, and to monitor the early and late post surgical quality outcome.
• Future patients – as a valuable resource for choosing their prospective surgeons
• Office Staff – for closer working relationship with their surgeons and patients and better public relations and practice marketing
• Attorneys and Insurance Carriers – for more expeditious management and better defense against frivolous law suits.
• Non-surgical specialties – help other non-surgical specialties to monitor and evaluate their patients with motion disorders.

General Instructions for using the app:
1. Watch the template video to the patient to demonstrate the motion sequences.
2. Follow the designated Grooming and Clothing guidelines – for the procedure
3. Adjust the patient’s pose (standing, sitting, etc.) as required for the procedure
4. Adjust the camera distance (be sure that the camera and/or any mobile device is securely mounted on a tripod/stand with appropriate brackets or clamps*) to patient as prescribed for the procedure
5. Orient the camera (portrait vs landscape) to ensure compatibility with your larger viewing computer/projector platforms
6. Adjust the image size comparable to that seen in the video template
7. Say “Start” to activate the recording, and the voice command will direct the patient, and the build in camera shutter to produce the entire video
8. Push the “Stop” button to abort the shooting if necessary
9. Down load the video to any mass storage devices for safe keeping – due to HIPPA regulations on patient privacy, be sure to retain full control of these videos at all time!

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Plastic Surgery In Motion-v101 App 1.4 Update 2016-04-15 Bug fixes
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